1961 Harmony H53 34″ scale Rocket Bass

I wanted a Harmony bass for a while and always liked the H-22 but they come up kind of infrequently and are usually too pricey for me to justify buying one. I found a nice H53 Rocket body and decided to use it to make a bass out of it. I had a full 34″ scale bass neck I purchased a while ago, I added some wings and shaped the headstock with a Meteor pattern I made. ¬†Instead of modifying a nice original Rocket neck pocket I made the neck fit the original pocket. For a pickup I found a NOS DeArmond TurboJet bass pickup from the late 1970’s. The end product looks like it could have been made by Harmony and is a nice balanced, light and playable bass. It was exactly what I was looking for.

IMG_5017 IMG_5016 IMG_5015 IMG_5011 IMG_5018IMG_5008

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