1969 Harmony H60 Meteor

S/N 7789H60 S-69 Orig p/u dated JUN 11 1969

I’m starting on a resto-mod of this well worn and pretty beat H60. its overall pretty sound structurally with the exception of a crack on the treble side. The paint on the bottom and the sides is flaking off in sheets but I like how the top and back looks so I may just respray the sides black and leave the rest as is. An unusual thing about it is that the dot markers on the side of the neck are on the left side of the neck (lefty neck) but the body is a righty so this is a collection of parts I guess.








The original over sized mustache DeArmond’s (dated JUN 11 1969) are DOA so I am going to use a set of new handwound Carl DeArmond mini humbucker sized single coils i picked up on this one. If I ever wish to replace the original style pickups in it they will cover the slightly routed openings the new ones need. I have a set of Gibson made mini humbucker pickups from a Silvertone 1446 (Chris Isaak)and I am trying to have the surrounds reproduced. if I do I will use them on here, if not I’ll use a set of std rings. I’m adding a vintage Bigsby B-3 and upgrading the bridge and tuners













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