1959 H49 Jupiter

1959 Harmony Stratotone H49 Jupiter: -Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 soap bar pick ups -Vintage Bigsby B11 -Gretsch space control/ Sorkin bowtie hybrid bridge -Vintage Gotoh tuners002 001 003 006 005 004 009

2 thoughts on “1959 H49 Jupiter”

  1. cool Harmony! I also have an H-49 but a ’61 model. I am thinking of adding a Bigsby B 11 as you did here also. Did you have to do any redrilling when mounting the tailpiece? Or do the three holes line up with the existing tail piece mounts ok? I have a tone pros bridge on mine, does the roller help with tuning issues?


    1. Hi Curt, The holes on the Bigsby are different and require re-drilling so I only use them on a guitar that I didn’t worry about ruining originality by re-drilling. Also using the original strap pin probably wont work either, You can make a wooden pin to fit the existing hole and screw a metal one into the plug to bring it out past the thicker material on the Bigsby tail hinge. A better bridge and tuners with the Bigsby means no problems keeping it in tune. Thanks, Frank

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