H48 Mercury

This is my first attempt to make a complete new “old” H48 from scratch. I just finished it on Dec 30th, 2013. It’s made from all maple, a book matched .140″ flame maple top and bottom, solid maple core wood and thin bent maple sides (mahogany kerf lining), triple W/B/W bindingsĀ and a one piece solid maple neck (slightly spalted) made from a blank made to original specs by Rick Penta of Penta Guitar Works. IMG_4598All finished in a tinted amber nitrocellulose lacquer. I used all vintage hardware. A 1964 dated gold foil pickup, vintage CTS pots, NOS caps wired like the original. The pickguard is made from celloloid material I sourced from Italy (Its a really close match to the original). I used a vintage B11 Bigsby and a Bigsby/Gretch bridge. The attempt was to make a brand new “vintage” H48. IMG_4601

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  1. Did you document the build process in detail? Would be interested to see the whole build process. I am thinking about building a neck from scratch but a little uncertain on how to tackle it.

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